Club history

In 2007 a group of new employee’s met in Mamut Software which was based in the Bislett area at Pilestredet 75c, 0354 Oslo, and enjoyed playing casual football together at Frogner Stadion, and Frogner Park.

We set up a number of 7’s friendlies with other companies with mixed success, but we realised we had a number of good players which we could form a team around.

After some consideration, Chris Worsfold (England) and David Walshe (Northern Ireland) decided to push the idea forward and enter a team into the Norwegian League. This idea was concluded at The Belfry Pub (Lille Grensen 7, 0159) in Oslo We applied in December 2007 to the NFF, and we were told we had missed the deadline which was in November, but we weren’t to know. By February 2008 we had received a confirmation back to say we could enter a team. This did not leave much time to raise finances, kits, and players. At one stage we had not agreed goalkeeper until Chris Connell began employment at Mamut quite soon before the season started.

We also began the league playing in black colours, until our new Macron white shirts, red shorts and red socks were delivered from the UK in May 2008. All players had their own personalized name, number and sizes. Our original main colour was tactically decided on as red with white, as red was the most successful colour for clubs in world football, but we liked the look of white with red, and that became the club’s colours.

Bislett friends at Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest! One of many traditions Bislett FK cherish.

With the main central area of gathering of players for work and socialising as Bislett, it was agreed that Bislett would be the club name.

The opening season was a success, where we held 1st or 2nd place throughout the season and we ultimately finished 2nd behind Dynamo Mjøsa and secured promotion to Division 7, playing mainly a 442 formation.

We started with 17 players, each with their own squad number:

1. Chris Connell (USA)
2. Arend Hulsoff Pol (Holland)
3. Hannes Senoner (Italy)
4. Neil Stembridge (Republic of Ireland)
5. Chris Worsfold (England)
6. Håvard Gråbak (Norway)
7. Stian Måleng (Norway)
8. Kristoffer Henriksen (Sweden)
9. Alex Quin (Republic of Ireland)
10. David Walshe (Northern Ireland)
11. Darren Borrill (England)
14. Kasper Evers (Holland)
15. Jaime O’Neill (Scotland)
16. Martin Erhamre (Sweden)
17. Jimmy Åsell (Sweden)
18. Sam Klerfors (Sweden)
23. Faraaz Ali (New Zealand)

Other players joined during this year, such as Espen, Fred, Peter and Thomas, but this was the group that agreed to get the club up and running.

With the success of promotion to Division 7 in the first year, and plenty of good fun along the way, we decided to add a 2nd team in 2009.

Player of the year:
1st place: Martin Erhamre
2nd place: Jimmy Åsell
3rd place: Chris Connell

Top scorer: Darren Borrill 10 goals
2nd place: Jimmy Åsell 6 goals

Club Man of the Year: Alex Quin

2009 naturally experienced growing pains, as we struggled to get 2 competitive sides out once injuries came into play. Unfortunately injuries hit alot of key players, having lost Martin for the first half of the campaign, we also lost Jimmy for the entire year.

We did introduce alot of good new players during this year which helped the club to build its foundation. Alot of new players joined such as Carl, Claudio, Filip, Kevin, Luuk, Patrick, Sylvain, Rune, Torstein and more.

The club logo was decided in this time, after much debate, along with player contributions for ideas, David sat down with his partner Mette who designed it. The idea slowly came together for a globe representing both a football and the international environment we had created. Players also discussed having their own international flag in the top corner, but we settled on the Norwegian flag so players never forget they represent the country they are in. The opposite top corner is the white and red colours which the club has. Althought the club was founded in 2007, we agreed the logo should represent when the club first kicks a ball in the league, as Bislett F.K. 2008. We also  added a new blue away kit also by Macron.

Player of the Year:
1st place: Torstein Stølen
2nd place: Sylvain De Pierrepont
3rd place: Kevin O’Neill

Top scorer: Darren Borrill 10 goals
2nd place: Espen Børsum 7 goals
3rd place: Kasper Evers, Martin Erhamre, Rune 4 goals

Club Man of the Year: Peter Stevens

In 2010 the 1st team lost most of our opening games by one goal in each game, despite not conceding many, and plenty of good play, we struggled with goals.

We finished the year on a high with Martin comming back for the 2nd half of the season, and others finding form. We introduced players such as Oggi and Tony during this season.

It was very unfortunate that the NFF decided to restructure the league from Division 4 down, and relegate more teams than normal from the lower half of the table in Division 7.
Certainly for Bislett, it came as a real blow, with our strongest players back, we hoped to have escaped relegation by beating the team in 2nd place in the final game, which we did win 4-3 away from home, against 2nd placed Heming2. Despite Luuk suffering a red card at halftime, and holding on to win with 10 men, by the slimmest of margins, it wasn’t enough to stay in division 7.

Some great moments and goals were had, with some amazing goals from the likes of Patrick, Luuk, Darren, and even Dave!

After losing a number of opening games in a row, Dave came on at halftime, with the score 1-0 down to Vestre Aker, and he scored a free kick and a penalty for the opening win of the season. Much of the credit went to Martin who returned to the side and was fouled for both,and showing how much of a difference he makes.

We had incredible dedication from Kevin attending games whilst his wife was heavily pregnant to help the team, and some funnier moments where we can look back and laugh at Tony getting a red card on his debut. Apperantly pushing is not allowed in Norway either, much to Tony the Tiger’s surprise.

Player of the Year:
1st place: Martin Erhamre
2nd place: Carl Alvarsson

Top scorer: Darren Borrill 10 goals
2nd place: Tony Heavens 7 goals
3rd place: Martin Erhamre 4 goals

Club Man of the Year: Kevin O’Neill

Player of the Year:
1st place: Espen Børsum
2nd place: Lee Mitchell
3rd place: Oggi Balac

Top scorer: Lee Mitchell 26 goals
2nd place: Darren Borrill 11 goals
3rd place: Espen Børsum 7 goals

Club Man of the Year: Ryan Phillips

Club man of the year with the manager
Club man of the year together with the manager

Player of the Year:
1st place: Karl Lunden
2nd place: Edward Simberg
3rd place:

Top scorer: Tony Heavens
2nd place: Lee Mitchell
3rd place: Darren Borrill

Club Man of the Year: Erik Reijrink

Bislett FK squad group photo in 2013.
Squad of 2013