Bislett FK the International Football Club in Oslo, Sign Up for our Tryout Training now!

Have you recently move to Oslo from inside or outside Norway? Are you looking to enjoy a good game of football and kick-start your social life in Oslo? Then Bislett FK is the club for you. And the good news is: We are looking for new players. Sign up for our tryout training now!

Bislett FK the international football club in Oslo

In Oslo, there is no other club like Bislett FK. We are the international football club in Oslo. We have players from all over the world. From Brazil to Australia, and even from Sweden.

Bislett Fotball Klubb has a very unique identity. We are the only club in Oslo that combines competitive performances on the pitch with a very easy going and social atmosphere off the pitch.

Many of our players have played for traditional Norwegian clubs, before joining Bislett Fotball Klubb. And all players experienced the same thing. Once the football part was over, the club had nothing else to offer. For us at Bislett FK it´s important that we have a good time outside of football as well. We like to enjoy good beer at a local pub, and we don’t shy away from some good old banter either!

If you are new to Oslo and you are looking to get your social life going, Bislett Fotball Klubb is the best place to start. Within 2 weeks you will have more friends than you have time to hang out with.

Matt Morrison, 28 Scottish

Joining Bislett Fotball Klubb was the best decision I made since coming to Oslo. I didn’t know anybody when I got here. Now, I can play competitive football and go out for a beer to watch some football with mates, like I used to do back home in Scotland.

The beginning of Bislett Fotball Klubb

Bislett Fotball Klubb was founded in 2008 by two legends called Dave Walshe (Northern Irish) and Chris Worsfold (English). Both guys had tried to find a football club, but none of the clubs they joined had the same social scene they were used to from back home. So one day they decided to create their own football club.

This way they could enjoy their football on their own terms. They wanted to play a competitive game of football and have a beer after the game with friends to discuss the game played or Premier league football in general.

Since then Bislett has grown from a single men’s 11 team to being a club with two senior 11 teams, one senior 7’s team and six youth teams. All playing under the Bislett FK banner. 

8th division Oslo

This year Bislett Fotball Klubb will have two senior teams in the 8th division here in Oslo. This means that both teams will play on a Friday evening. Which is perfect, because this means both teams can meet up at one of our favorite pubs in Oslo for a beer after the game.

Since the NFF has completely rearranged the Oslo division for the upcoming season, both league´s we play in will be more competitive. Our first team is looking to build on last years performances in the 7th division to push for promotion. Where the second team is there to groom players to be ready when the first team needs them.

If you are keen to be a part of this, make sure to sign up for our tryout training.  

Sign up for our tryout training

A great way to experience our football club is to attend one of our tryout training’s. You can “showcase” us your skills on the pitch, and experience our social atmosphere first hand.

This year we will have two tryout training. The first training is on the 6th of February and the second one is a week later on the 13th of February. (Monday evening)

We only have limited places available, so make sure you sign up a quickly as possible. Depending on the amount of signups we get, we will invite you to join our training by email. Any details you need to know will be sent to you in due time.

You can sign up by sending an email to Make sure to add Bislett Tryout training to your subject line.

Add the following details to your email:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your age
  3. Your position on the pitch
  4. Years of experience playing football, previous club
  5. Where you are from

What are you waiting for send us an email to sign up!

6 thoughts on “Bislett FK the International Football Club in Oslo, Sign Up for our Tryout Training now!”

  1. Hello,

    Do you have a girls side for U10’s? I have a fighter from Australia who plays would love to play with the side.

  2. I’m faith olawale from nigeria…I’m defensive midfielder..I can create chances and I can tackle and I’m very good at what I do ..I hope to hear from your team soon.thank you

  3. I will want to know more about the club and the tryout,I live in Sweden and I have a lot of talent footballers in Nigeria

  4. We are agency soccer sponsored, afflicted to global academy of coaching ,we use this Opportunity, to demand for tryout, for our players, to partake in your club team, I hope my request will be accepted with earliest attention thanks for your understanding, best reqard
    From Vankor Michelle

  5. Hello my name is Leonard Hyso,I am from Greece and I have recently moved in Oslo from Belgium,I want to join your football club and to be a part of your team,I play in the middle filed and as stopper!

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